In line with the United Nations development issues for 2015-2030 which set the umbrella for development in all countries in the world, namely: "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) which specifically stipulated in the field of sports the issue of "Sport for Development & Peace" (SDP). SDP has now become a strategic issue to be disseminated throughout the world and has become an attractive research field for scientists in the fields of physical education and sports. SDP emphasizes that sport is believed to have superiority and noble values to be instilled in efforts to shape human personality like God's creatures The One and Only in one complete unity, between physical, spiritual, and social and is seen as contributing to improving the quality of life of the people of a nation. The process of transferring the universal values of sports must become basic knowledge for every teacher and/or sports coach because it is one of the key factors in implementing the issue of Sport for Development and Peace and the practice of the development paradigm through sport (Development through Sport) at the micro-level. This value transfer is a process in positioning sports as a vehicle for the development of positive youth (Positive Youth Development / PYD). 

The 4th International Conference of Sport for Development and Peace (4th ICSDP) with the theme "The Paradigm of Sport Policy and Development from Sport Outcomes to Societal Outcomes" invite all academics, researchers, and practitioners to share their experiences, ideas, views, visions, and missions related to this topic from various scientific perspectives and expertise. 

Important Dates

Open Registration7th April 2022
Abstract Submission Deadline through ICSDP Website11th April - 30 May 2022
Full-Paper Submission Deadline through AJSDP Website11th April - 30 May 2022
Abstract and Full-Paper Acceptance1st - 3rd June 2022
Conference Date7 - 8th June 2022
Payment Deadline for Presenter30th May 2022
PowerPoint Upload Deadline5th June 2022

Theme / Scope

  • Sport for Development and Peace
  • Sports Policy and Development
  • Youth Development through Sports
  • Societal Outcomes through Sports
  • Physical Education and School Sports
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Coaching


Keynote Speaker(s)

Luca Santilli

Executive Director, Tennis Development, International Tennis Federation

Fan Hong

Bangor University, United Kingdom

Lisa Barnett

Deakin University, Australia

Egemen Onen

Global Head of Basketball & Sport Consulting, KIN Partners, London, UK


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